With our commitment to further development and improvement, we stand our ground in the midst of constant competition. This not only holds true for our products but also for our appreciation of the environment and individual further training of employees. Cooperation with our customers results in partnerships that are reflected in Dörrenberg's current range of services. Long-term customer relations are part of our balance sheet's most important assets. The basis for our success is primarily our expertise in the field of metallurgy. In addition, we work as troubleshooters and forerunners for new developments to suit our customers' needs.


Three of our four German business locations are situated in the Oberberg region. Following the motto "act locally, think globally" our roots have been in Ründeroth on the river Agger for centuries.

  • Ruenderoth
  • Weiershagen
  • Dieringhausen
  • Herford
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