High demands for dimensional accuracy, strength and corrosion resistance – and, in this case also resistance against vandalism.

In our daily life, we mostly attach little importance to card-reader units in ATMs. We take it for granted that we can insert our ATM card and we only get annoyed if the ATM is out of order. But have you ever asked yourself what the nature of the units and accessories within the machine must be like to ensure operation of the sensitive chip technology without any problems? The outer shell encasing the microelectronic components inside the machine must meet considerable requirements: high dimensional accuracy along with high strength and corrosion resistance. For production of such a housing, we at Dörrenberg had to take into account even more criteria. The reason why the customer opted for special steel, which is a rather uncommon choice of material, was their specific requirements for the product: it was to be resistant against the destructiveness of vandals. Moreover, the steel had to be corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant. All these criteria resulted in the choice of an austenitic A2 steel with the material code 1.4308. The finished cast part had a solid weight of 480 grams; its corrosion resistance was further increased by subsequent pickling. Therefore, neither rust nor vandals stand a chance...


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No chance for vandalism

High demands for dimensional accuracy, strength and corrosion resistance – and, in this case, also resistance against vandalism. more

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