In Ruenderoth, Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH produces forging and rolling ingots with ingot weights from 1 to 14 tons. The heart of this production is an electric arc furnace for melting scrap as well as a ladle furnace and a vacuum system for secondary metallurgic treatment of steel. For details, please see the description of the plant.

With this plant configuration, we are able to produce a large range of materials, each with their special, individual requirements. Our focus is on smelting tool steels, such as cold-working steel 1.2379, hot-working steels 1.2343 or 1.2344, or high-speed steels containing tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium, such as 1.3343. Another main area of our production is corrosion-resistant steels with higher carbon contents, such as 1.4112, classic austenitic steels with carbon contents of less than 0.06%, such as 1.4301, and even nitrogen-alloy duplex steels, such as 1.4462. Low-alloy engineering steels are another mainstay of our work, completing our product range, particularly with regard to products with a low number of alloy elements.

This list of our possibilities is by far not exhaustive and we will carefully assess any demands you may have using our special analysis procedure.

For casting of molten steel, a broad range of polygonal, square and round ingot moulds is available. Please see the ingot mould list for details. We are happy to extend our list in case you may have new requirements. The ingots can be supplied in hot, cold or annealed conditions. For this purpose, we have a special truck with hot-transport cover available. With the help of this equipment we are able to transport the hot forged or rolled ingots directly to our customers for further processing. Several bogie hearth furnaces allow for precisely defined heat treatment specially tailored to the material or for keeping the material warm until the specified date of delivery.

We regard ourselves as your competent partner for niche products in the field of forging and rolling ingots. This holds true for both low quantities and for flexible delivery times at short notice, or tests and special analyses.

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