Independent consulting removed from technology brands, customer relations geared to long-term partnerships, enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness − these are the objectives to which the Surface Treatment Division is committed.
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Due to their wide-ranging expertise and competences, it is easy for our technical consultants to find the perfect solution for our customers' demands. Their broad, sector-spanning knowledge is an ideal basis for providing tailored consulting services that incorporates a spectrum ranging from suggestions for improved construction and design of tools, through defining optimum tool treatment, all the way to process details.
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Excellent hot hardness and oxidation resistance are just two of the various properties that characterize Dörrenberg’s new high-performance coating.

It ensures better performance and durability of tools in plastics extrusion or in press hardening. PVD-AlCrN coating is used for heavy-duty hot-forming, punching and cutting tools and for aluminium die-casting.

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CVD – unrecognized genius

Dörrenberg is one of the few companies in central Europe to provide CVD coating for heavy-duty forming tools as a subcontracting service. more


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