With correct application, our CVD, PVD and PA-CVD coating processes guarantee significant extension of service duration and contribute towards improvement of slide and anti-friction properties for tools under abrasive loads.

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Highest degree of hardness and adhesion strength

  • Extension of service life, even for processing of high-strength metal sheets
  • Also for tools with close tolerances
  • Special performance increase in combination with CHOHPlus
  • and other special materials


Fields of application:

  • Cold-forming tools
  • Heavy-duty tools
  • Hard-metal tools
  • Solid forming

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Highly efficient coating without changes in shape and dimension

  • Protection against abrasion and adhesion on the tool
  • Improved connection of coating due to duplex process
  • Protection of tools and reduction of adhesions in plastics processing
  • Head-start advantage due to continuous improvement of coat systems


Fields of application:

  • Metal sheet forming
  • Cold solid forming tools
  • Aluminium & non-ferrous metal processing
  • Punching and metal cutting tools
  • Plastics processing (polymer processing)

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Optimum cost advantages

  • Coating of complicated geometries
  • New coat systems for special applications (hydroforming, mould construction, aluminium die-casting)
  • Cost-effective coating, even of large tools


Fields of application:

  • Plastics processing
  • Metal sheet forming
  • Aluminium processing
  • Die-casting
  • High-temperature applications
  • Hot forming
  • Extrusion moulding

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CVD – unrecognized genius

Dörrenberg is one of the few companies in central Europe to provide CVD coating for heavy-duty forming tools as a subcontracting service. more


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