In addition to the coatings, we offer our customers vacuum heat treatments, nitriding, NOX treatments and also surface hardening treatments.

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Creating cost and competitive advantages

  • Specialisation in high-performance materials
  • Optimised scheduling of assignments
  • High unit weights
  • Customized batch management


Fields of application:

  • Cold-working steels
  • Hot-working steels
  • High-speed steels

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The basis for longer service life

  • Customized processes
  • State-of-the-art system technology
  • High unit weights
  • Process for tools and machine components


Fields of application:

  • Internal high pressure forming tools
  • Machine components
  • Cold-working tools
  • Hot-working tools

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Solid shaping and forming with black thread fillets

  • Improved service lives for thread rolling tools
  • Best results due to combination of high hardness and sufficient durability of
    the thread and tread grooves


Fields of application:

  • Thread rolling dies
  • Thread rolling devices

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State-of-the-art system technology ensures economic advantages

  • Protection against wear and washout of distinctive lines
  • Quality advantages in connection with wide hardening paths
  • Cost advantages due to use of grey cast iron materials


Fields of application:

  • Drawing tools
  • Blank holders
  • Dies
  • Cutting knives
  • Machine components

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Top issue

CVD – unrecognized genius

Dörrenberg is one of the few companies in central Europe to provide CVD coating for heavy-duty forming tools as a subcontracting service. more


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